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As I await the release of my forthcoming book Shakespeare, Politics, and Italy: Intertextuality on the Jacobean Stage, available from Ashgate in August 2009, this blog continues to be a place where I can relax from academic writing and share my experiences of the glamour, passion, and intrigue inherent to living in Italy. After over a year of posts, I have discovered an interest in everything from Shakespeare tourism to the theatrical qualities of Sicilian hardware storesthe misleading image of Italy in language textbooks and the persistent advertising of discount mattresses on Italian television.

Buona lettura!

The view from the Greek theatre at Segesta (TP). Note the S shaped viaduct typical of local highway design strategies.

The view from the Greek Theatre at Segesta (TP)

For more information on Shakespeare, Politics, and Italy: Intertextuality on the Jacobean stage, see here:



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18 03 2010

read your very entertaining story about trying to find baby gear in Genoa. we are in the process of establishing a company that offers parents on holiday the possibility to rent and buy baby gear.

we are still establishing our website and hope to gather experiences and input from travelling parents all over the world. i took the freedom to put a link to your story in our link section and hope this is ok for you. if not, let me know and i will of course remove it.

if you like the idea feel free to add a link to our page, we will be adding more and more content as time goes by.

best wishes,

19 07 2012

this blog is very informative. i am really impressed by the comments which people have given over here. i am sure many people will get more and more knowledge from this.

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