A typical Sunday afternoon on RAI UNO

27 10 2008

Or, what I saw as I ran to turn off the tv

The television programme Domenica In has been shown Sunday afternoons on RAI Uno for many years, notwithstanding my best efforts to avoid it. From what I have seen, when forced to watch in other people’s homes, its main audience is middle aged men sleeping on the sofa after a long lunch. The non-start entertainment lasts from 2 in the afternoon until 6:30 in the evening, just as the effects of the lasagna and red wine are starting to wear off.

Thanks to our pals at You Tube, who watch all of the show so we don’t have to, here are all of the things I missed this Sunday (and the two minutes I saw by mistake).

At 2 pm:

Opening dance routine (I’m not watching because I’ve got better things to do):

At 3 pm:

Italian superstar Ron sings his greatest misses (but I’m still working on my book):

Ow! My ears hurt!

At 4:30 pm

Italian singer Alexia meets Luisa Corna (but I’m still RAI tv free):

“Truly sweet”

At 6:15 pm

I turn on the tv for the soccer results and discover this week’s theme is what Beethoven would sound like if he and Freddie Mercury collaborated on Italian television dance routines:

It makes you proud to be European

At 6: 16 pm

I turn off the sound so I can concentrate on the teletext.




11 responses

27 10 2008
Jeff Atkinson

Nice writing style. I look forward to reading more in the future.

28 10 2008

Very funny!! I don’t think there is anybody in Italy who watches the whole program…..I hope!! 🙂

29 10 2008

How sad, how sad, how sad, how sad….
If before italian tv was horrible, a heap of garbage, now it’s even worse! How sad for this Nation.

30 10 2008

Hi Alessandra:

To be honest, I’m not sure it’s getting worse – that would imply that it was better at one time. In the case of Domenica In, it seems to have been consistently horrible and sleazy (you will recall all the on air fights among the ‘stars’ in recent years).

30 10 2008

Italian TV often is amazing in it’s old-fashioned approach. This is the country of fashion, style and thousands of years of high culture and yet, I see here what I saw on Dutch TV in the Seventies. Including the abundant use of scantily clad bimbos.
Zelig is one f those programs that doesn’t seem to want to move forward. At times it’s great – I love Gioele Dix for example, or Teresa Mannino, and they have a great band – but so much of it is really of an unspeakably amateuristic level. The latest fad: two ‘Indian’ people saying ‘Tandoori’ all the time. Howls of laughter.
Amore, dov’è il telecomando?

30 10 2008

Rob: But does she let you change? I got stuck watching La talpa this evening…

We had nothing like this back home – so Italian tv was huge among pubescent boys in Canada when my younger brother was in high school. They loved the dancers on the game shows -despite not speaking a word of Italian.

My generation had only Quebec tv, so inadvertently we got introduced to Truffaut, Godard, Chabrol etc.

31 10 2008

Hi shakespearepolitics,
no before it wasn’t better, it was garbage; but now it stinks even more! Trash shows like La Talpa, Grande Fratello, Buona Domenica and so on….were something you could not stand for one second, now it is the same but they have become ever worse, even more coarse and stupid, they are sinking to the botton as well as the cultural level of the Country!

31 10 2008


Sure, the reality phenomenon has become self-parody. What I find funny is that the shows have run out of the limited ideas they had before. Grande Fratello may have been “exciting” the FIRST year because it was a novelty – now if you are following La talpa sette (I’ve lost count) you find the same retreads from previous reality shows. Last night there was one from ‘pupe e secchioni’, and at least two from various editions of GF.

What do you think of Super Quark? This is the show people usually cite as the one of the good programmes on Rai (if that’s not an oxymoron). Sadly, Piero Angela and figlio seem to devote most of their energy to taking the spectacular moments out of other documentaries (esp. BBC) and old tv movies.

An Italian film I really liked (even with the presence of Tarricone) was Muccino’s Ricordati di Me, where the daughter’s quest to become a “showgirl” encapsulated a profound sense of moral and social malaise.

3 11 2008

Sadly, Grande Fratello and La Talpa are Dutch inventions. But in Holland they no longer run because people became utterly bored with the concept. I am surprised that noone mentions l’Isola dei Famosi with that shrieking presenter Simona Ventura who never fails to make my hair stand on end.

There is good to be had though. Montalbano is well made, La meglio Gioventù is an absolute masterpiece and Super Quark… well if you are like me and you’ve seen a lot of Discovery Channel, you know that could be done much better. At least it has no dancing bimbos or guest appearances of types like Christian De Sica and Nino Frassica…
Some talk/news shows are rather good. I like Fabio Fazio and I admire Michele Santoro. There’s nothing quite like Anno Zero in Holland. (Probably because Holland is nothing like Italy…)

3 11 2008

I like those great Italian comedies.

A fat guy driving an old FIAT Panda sees a blonde in a bikini and crashes his car into a stand full of watermelons.

Ha, ha.

4 11 2008

Oh, yes, L’Isola dei Famosi…. how can someone watch that stuff?? Simona Ventura???? Oh please! I understand why Raffaella Carrà is still in tv wih AUDIENCE! Those caracters will never disapear from italian tv, never. People keep on watching at them, loving them!
I didn’t know Big Brother was from Holland, i was sure it was from UK.
And Super Quark, it is just a show for family, i mean the Angelas (they have to work i supose).

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