Foreign Food at Lidl

26 09 2008

When you get tired of the very best Italian cuisine

Lidl -hooray!

Lidl -hooray!

Italians are convinced they have the best food in the world and, of course, they’re right. It is not always a pleasure to be told that your native cuisine is rubbish, however. On the rare occasions when I’m able to find exotic delicacies like cranberry juice, oatmeal, or baked beans, there’s always some friendly soul who comes up to me in the supermarket and wants to know what I’ve got in my cart and why I’m buying it. Often it’s the cashiers, eager to know what that mysterious product really is, or, even worse, some supercilious jerk who wants to give me extempore nutritional advice. (Sure peanut butter is fattening but I’m still a lot thinner than you amico.) You would think Italians of all people would understand the powerful emotional resonance of food.

The emergence here of ruthlessly efficient German supermarket chain Lidl has made my food based homesickness easier to bear.  This week, apart from the regular supply of baked beans, there is a special offer on Specialità britanniche, complete with all your British favourites like oatmeal, marmalade, fish & chips, corned beef, English mustard, and above all shortbread. The British food specials were preceded in July by an American Food week, featuring packages of pecans and hamburger relish.

When I got to Lidl, the pickle sauce had already disappeared but there was still enough shortbread and oatmeal there to fill my needs. Predictably, after a few seconds, a group formed around the display and asked my wife “ma perchè si compra questa roba?”

My only question is how long will it be before Lidl gets around to the fine foods of Canada: maple syrup, butter tarts, muffins, donuts, rutabaga, parsnips, oatmeal cookies, pea soup, poutine, and Kraft Dinner.



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26 09 2008
Best Recipes

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27 09 2008
Choice Cooking Recipes

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27 09 2008


29 09 2008

You sure have some strange commenters – my guess is that they are spammers.

I know what you mean – I have an unhealthy craving for kroketten or frikandellen, the typical Dutch deep-fried meat snack.
Or a bag of crisps which taste like a proper bag of crisps should. Or coffee fit to make a mugful – I water mine down (two espressos in one big mug, with about as much boiling water added) if I want a real hot drink instead of a thimbleful. Or a nice thick piece of meat.
But I’m sure we’d miss Italian food once we have to leave. Oh the joys of emigration…

29 09 2008

Hi Rob:

I left the spam in because it was so surreal…

Yes, I’d miss Italian food a lot – along with biking in January, the turquoise sky in the summer, being the only one in town wearing a baseball cap, and those fabulous programmes on Rete 4 (well maybe not those…).
I like a nice big cup of coffee too – my (unwise) technique for the first couple of years was to drink a big 6 tz. potful of espresso.

3 10 2008

I would love to see Canadian beer: especially Labatt 50!

26 11 2014

Lidl = foreign food = not supporting UK farmers and producers..

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